Tango Palace

A passionate, comical, and cranky plea for the tango and its triumph across cultures. Kurt Weill used to integrate different dances into his plays, above all the tango. He and many other composers were influenced and inspired by the music he created this way. In the 1990ies the tango mingled with electronic music, the so-called electrotango emerged. Choreographer and director Gregor Seyffert visualized this fascinating development and scope of the tango in a modern way and set it into a special place:

The Tango Palace is a place of hope, excess, pleasure and…the clandestine. Unique, never seen, serious, and bizarre interpretations of tango; encounters, seducements and dramas in fast motion – a foray through human abysms and curiosities – exciting and with a twinkle in the eye.

Choreography, direction Kammertänzer Gregor Seyffert
Stage design Gregor Seyffert, Mathias Wulff
Music director Golo Berg, Lothar Hensel
Costumes Gabriele Kortmann
Sound design and arrangements Michael Pregler, weh kah
Music Kurt Weill, Astor Piazzolla, Lothar Hensel, Gotan Project, Bajofondo Tango Club, Elbtonal Percussion among others
Film production Curuba Media
Gustav Kammertänzer Gregor Seyffert
Burgunde Walz-Schlüpp Tiana Hogan
General Rott Hack Alexander Mateev
Helly B.Lau Madoka Toguchi
Blu Lulu Denise Evrard
Aqua Oc. Gabriele Rolle
Monte Cobald zu Azur Enrico Palvarini
Neutrinus Zero Mu-Yi Chen
D‘ Red Marredcho Noala de Aquino
Dottrich Kück Egg (alias Dotti) Mac-Dennis Dao
G.G. Grien Daler Burkhanov
Anaiis Enoritz Gemma Poulton
Inaiis Enoritz Soraya Schulthess

Music playlist „Tango Palast“

I. Part (Orchestra Tipica)

  1. Kurt Weill (1900-1950), „Tango Ballade“ 1
  2. Lothar Hensel (*1961), „Fantasia sobre un choclo“
  3. Carlos Di Sarli (1900-1960), „Milonguero viejo“ *
  4. Rosita Melo (1897-1981), „Desde el alma“ *
  5. Gerardo Matos Rodrigues (1897-1948), „La Cumparsita“ *
  6. Astor Piazolla (1921-1992), „Tanti Anni Prima“ 6
  7. Julio César Sanders (1897-1942), „Luna de arrabal“ *
  8. Astor Piazzolla, „Melancólico Buenos Aires“ *2
  9. Kurt Weill, „Youkali“ *3

II. Part (Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau)

  1. Kurt Weill, „Tango Ballade“ *1
  2. Astor Piazzolla, „Tangazo“ 4
  3. Astor Piazzolla, „Libertango“ *5
  4. Astor Piazzolla, „Michelangelo 70“ *4
  5. Astor Piazzolla, „Oblivion“ *4
  6. Astor Piazzolla, „Tanguedia III“ *4
  7. Kurt Weill, „Youkali“ *3

III. Part (recorded on CD)

  1. Kurt Weill, „Tango Ballade“ **
  2. Bajofondo Tangoclub, „Exodo II“ 7
  3. Gotan Project, „Domingo“ 8
  4. Elbtonal Percussion, „Bazar“ 9
  5. Gotan Project, „la del ruso“ 10
  6. Gotan Project, „Santa Maria“ 11
  7. Kurt Weill, „Youkali“ 12


* Processing Lothar Hensel
** Processing Tino Müller (wehkah)
1 © Universal Edition AG Wien
2 © Editions Universelles
3 © Editions Heugel Paris
4 © Tonos Music GmbH Darmstadt
5 © 1975 by Edizioni Curci S.r.l., Milano/A. Paganini S.r.l. Lipomo (Italy)
With friendly permission of Curci Germany GmbH
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