Peri – An angel between heaven and earth

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A coproduction of the Gregor Seyffert Compagnie, the Robert-Schumann-Fest Düsseldorf, the Federal Ballet School Berlin and School for Artistry, and the SKC Tabea Halle/Saale e.V.

The fallen angel Peri is thrown out ouf paradise and is forced to find God’s most desired gift in order to be let into heaven again. Searching for fitting gifts, Peri steps down to earth and brings the last drop of blood of a fighter who fell for his people and the last breath of a young girl dying for her love. It is only the third gift – a remorseful tear of an avowed sinner – which opens Peri the door to the Garden of Eden again.

Director and choreographer Gregor Seyffert together with the artist Gottfried Helnwein, found a way to visualize the play that is drastically and touchingly different from the romantic original. The half angel, half human creature Peri’s encounter with the apocalyptic conditions on earth influences the end of the story in the version of Seyffert/Helnwein.

“Dramatically suggestive, spectacular and without one minute of boredom...”
NRZ, July 2004

“Gregor Seyffert and Gottfried Helnwein designed a brilliant concept that includes all means of modern multimedia stage design; the spectators hardly know where to look first...”
Der Opernfreund, July 2004

“Experiment completed successfully...”
Rheinische Post, July 2004

“The acrobatics of this evening are once again breathtaking...”
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, July 2008

Choreography, direction Kammertänzer Gregor Seyffert
Stage design, costumes, Video Gottfried Helnwein
Costumes Amélie Haas, Elke Scheuermann
Music Tyler Bates, Burkhard Dallwitz, Karl Jenkins, Javier Navarrete, Von Magnet, Peter Scherer, Gabriel Yared
Sounds Stephan Wöhrmann, Oliver Doerell, Mario Sollazzo
Sound editing Jan Ehrlich
Video editing Steffen Fleischer
Peri Kammertänzer Gregor Seyffert
Skyguard Kaatie Akstinat (11./13. Juli 2008), Jennifer Ebert (12. Juli 2008)
Christian Blodau, Christoph Haese, Florian Krause, Stephan Seefeld


Part I

Gazna (Dictator) Mu-Yi Chen
Patriot Enrico Palvarini
Entourage Gazna Noala De’Aquino, Alexander Mateev
Tanzforum Dessau:
Laura Bähr, Sandra Dietrich, Claudia Dreier, Karolin Fronz, Lena Garstecki, Ulrike Hahn, Henrike Jäger, Natali Juhasz, Julia Köhler, Jenny Kohlmann, Jennifer Langner, Sara Meyer, Lisa-Marie Mohs, Josefine Runge, Mandy Schulze
Cleaner Natali Juhasz, Sara Meyer


Part II

Young woman Denise Evrard
Young man Daler Burkhanov
Contaminated people Aureline Guillot, Tiana Hogan, Gemma Poulton, Gabriele Rolle
Mac-Dennis Dao
Cleaner Natali Juhasz, Sara Meyer


Part III

Sinner Noala De’Aquino
Assistants Gemma Poulton, Gabriele Rolle
Child Luisa Braunsdorf (Solo)
Other childs
Wenke Dahncke, Lina Marie Dürrwald, Anja Eckert, Susanne Eichmann, Luise Kaduk, Lara-Johanna Kröhs, Anke Liesa Lohmann, Helena Müller, Nadja Kreiseler
Cleaner Natali Juhasz, Sara Meyer

Musik playlist „Peri – An angel between heaven & earth“

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  3. Peter Scherer, „Marmorera“, „Queder“
  4. Tyler Bates, „300“ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, „The Wolf“
  5. Von Magnet, „Neither Predator Nor Prey“, „Daf“
  6. Von Magnet, „Neither Predator Nor Prey“, „Instead“
  7. Burkhard Dallwitz, „The Truman Show“, „Truman Sleeps“
  8. Gabriel Yared, „L’avion“, „La Maison Vide“
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