The clown of god

„The clown of god“ has it’s roots in the last public performance of the legendary Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky (1888-1950) in 1919 and traces the torturous course of the brilliant dancer’s life trough fame, fear, lethargy and insanity. It describes his suffering and the time he spent in the St. Moritz psychiatric hospital where, gradually losing his sanity, he wrote his diary and gave his last ever public performances at the Swiss Suvretta House with the pianist Bertha Asseo.

„The Clown of god“ shows Nijinsky’s last desperate struggle against his incurable illness, before memory, strength and the spark of life were extinguished. „This dance strives to explore the terrible limit of human existence. How appalling it must be for victims, and those who suffer with them, to have to watch as, in a physiologically intact, young, strong and beautiful body, the central control system goes awry and the functions of the brain become biomechanically uncoupled from the body. Insensibility, aimlessness, fear, persecution mania, distraction and lethargy are the mad external manifestations of these terrible internal mental processes. How does this illness start? Why is it incurable?
Doctors, scientists and we, the ‘clowns of god’, have no answer. This performance is dedicated to Waslaw Nijinsky, the legend of dance.“

Dietmar und Gregor Seyffert

Choreography / Direction Dietmar Seyffert
Actor „Nijinsky“ Gregor Seyffert
At the piano Madalina de Martin
Music Frederic Chopin (5 songs from „Chopinina“), Carl-Maria von Weber („Aufforderung zum Tanz“), Igor Strawinsky (Auszüge aus „Petruschka“), Le sacre du printemps
Co-realisation Komische Oper Berlin (D), Stadttheater Remscheid (D), Goethe-Institut Atlanta (USA), Dansens Hus Stockholm (S)

Ludwigsburger Zeitung

One almost had to be concerned about the seats and balustrades in the newly renovated Schloßtheater. That’s how much foot-stamping there was with the applause and ovations for the performance of Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie from Berlin.

Der Spiegel

...those who have experienced this Clown of God junior, his leaps and pirouettes, those who have experienced how, both artistically and acrobatically, he pushes the natural limits of physiology and seems to transgress the laws of physics – these applaud at the end, grateful that the exhausted being dripping sweat on the stage has returned to himself.

Berliner Zeitung

A spectacular choreography for the almost frighteningly fantastic dancing of Gregor Seyffert...

Ludwigsburger Zeitung, 27.09.2002

Fast mußte man um Gestühl und Balustraden im eben renovierten Schloßtheater fürchten… So sehr verband sich Beifalltrampeln mit Applaus und Ovationen für den Auftritt von Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie aus Berlin

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Magical stroke of genius...